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Learn how to claim your flight rights properly

Flight delayed or cancelled? These are your air passenger rights

This year has been quite chaotic at the airports. Cancelled or delayed flights, lost luggage, hours-long queues at security check ... Has happened to you too? If not, you were one of the lucky ones. If yes, we hope you claimed your rights properly.

Marko Guček

GoOpti - sustainable and user friendly transportation alternative

How will mobility change in the future to be not only environmentally friendly but also user-friendly? We spoke to GoOpti CEO Mark Guček about new mobility trends and innovations in GoOpti services that will make our rides much more enjoyable for all our passengers.

Hiking has the power to reconnect our body and soul

7 of the world’s best hiking places - Part Two

Are you a trekking enthusiast and you are asking yourself what is the best place to go hiking? We think that every trail where we are able to get lost while find ourself at peace can be the perfect trekking spot. Of course, some trails and hiking places, more than others, are capable of filling up our eyes with stunning sceneries and gifting our soul with singular deep emotions. Below we listed our top 7 picks for the best places to hike in the world.

Autumn is the new summer to travel

5 reasons why autumn is a great season for traveling

When you think of autumn, you probably imagine colourful leaves, rainy days, knit sweaters, and hot drinks that make you feel warm and cosy. But did you know it’s also the perfect season for travelling? Here are the top 5 reasons to plan an autumn getaway.

Lake Ohrid in Macedonia

5 Reasons to Go on a Trip to the Balkans in 2022

Discover the reasons why a trip to the Balkans should be on the top of your travelling bucket list for 2022 and the years to come.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you reacher

What type of traveler are you according to your personality?

1 minute of your time to finally find out


How to avoid missing your flight?

With the lifting of Covid restrictions around the world, lines are getting longer at departure gates. Travel bookings and inquiries are rising, as people’s demand and desire for travel is stronger than ever before. This is a very positive sign for the industry, which suffered the most during the pandemic, but on the other hand, it brings quite a few challenges.

Summer days are the perfect chance to pick up a novel you haven

The 5 Best Books of Summer 2022

There’s plenty to look forward to this summer, including some relaxing reading in the shade. Whether you’re headed to a perfect sandy beach or just to a nearby lake, these books are worthy additions to your summer reading list.

GoOpti van in the center of Ljubljana.


With the SmartMOVE project to efficient mobility planning and implementation of dynamic collective transport.

Balos Beach

Explore the most beautiful beaches in Greece

There're probably a million reasons why you should travel to Greece. This Mediterranean country has it all – ancient monuments, friendly people, fantastic food, countless islands and incredibly beautiful beaches, some of which have even been named among the very best in the world. But which one of them is really worth visiting? We’ve done all the hard work for you and made a selection of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. In case you don’t have a flight to Greece booked yet, we’ve added some pretty awesome flight deals for this summer as well.