6 reasons why now is the best time to visit Fuerteventura

Do you miss the sea, the sun and travel? Well, we do. But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Fuerteventura has favorable epidemiological conditions, lots of sun, sandy beaches, and accommodation prices and airline tickets are incredibly tempting. We bring you six reasons why now is the best time to discover the Spanish island of Fuerteventura.
5 razlogov, zakaj je GoOpti boljša izbira od avtobusa

15 razlogov, zakaj je GoOpti boljša izbira od avtobusa

1. 150 km of beautiful beaches without crowds

At Fuerteventura you will find the beaches same as in Instagram pictures. Reality will not disappoint you. Kilometers of perfect crowdless sandy beaches such as Caleta de Fuste, Sotavento, Corralejo, the island of Lobos await you. But that’s not all! You will also find black sand beaches of volcanic origin such as Ayuj, La Lajita, Tarajalejo, small sandy coves like El Cotillo, which always come in handy as a shelter from the wind, cliffs with fantastic views on the wild Atlantic ocean and a calm horizon. With a little research you can experience it all, because the landscape can change drastically after only a few kilometers and allow you a real little adventure in discovering the island.

TIP: Although Fuerteventura is a popular tourist island, for now, for obvious reasons, you will not feel overcrowded.

Ko se odpravljate na potovanje, izberite specialista za prevoz do letališč.

2Ko se odpravljate na potovanje, izberite specialista za prevoz do letališč.

2. Almost 365 sunny days and pleasant climate

Locals like to say that there is no more than 15 days of rain on the islands throughout the year, and winter temperatures rarely fall below 20°C during the day. Although Fuerteventura is best visited from May to November, the winter months are only slightly behind. The water is a bit cooler then, but when you sunbathe on the beautiful beaches, a refreshing ocean bath is equally tempting and refreshing.

TIP: Fuerteventura has a little more wind than we are used to, it also depends on individual places, the day and time of year. The summer months are windier, which is why windsurfers and kiters love it so much. However, if you find shelter and warm up well, no wind will disturb you even in the middle of winter.

3. Cheap airline tickets and accommodation prices

A number of low-cost airlines (Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air) currently offer flights from Milan Malpensa and Bergamo airports to Fuerteventura. Return airline tickets can be purchased for as little as 91 €. If you don’t have a specific date, the price shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re planning to go for a spring or summer vacation with relatively defined dates, we advise you to book as soon as possible. GoOpti can take you to Bergamo airport starting from 28 €.

Accommodation prices have fallen by an average of 30%. Now for a very good price you can get an apartment, a house with a pool or a hotel room, so you will quickly justify the costs of possible testing.


TIP: Many search engines and booking sites store your previous search history, so prices might change based on what you have already browsed. To avoid this and ensure you are getting the best deal possible, make sure to turn your internet browser incognito before booking your flight.

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4. Bars and restaurants are open

It may sound like a joke, but when you sit in a beach bar and order your favorite drink in a foreign language, you just realize how much you missed it all. ☺

5. Seafood, paellas and other culinary specialties

Fuerteventura offers endless possibilities for fresh seafood delicacies prepared in an island traditional or classic way. If you are a seafood lover, your palate will be fascinated by crabs, white and blue fish, shellfish, and other sea mollusks in the form of tapas, stand-alone dishes or even in traditional Spanish rice dish – the paella. For the bravest there is also fried murine chips. The island also offers other traditional local delicacies such as goat cheese Majorero, boiled potatoes with various sauces and specially spiced sausages.

6. A paradise for kiters, windsurfers, surfers, and sports fans ...

The island is great for beginners, but also for more experienced lovers of these sports. Corralejo, El Cotillo and Costa Calma are the main places for windsurfing and kiting. In the northern part of Playa Sotavento, known as the Risco del Paso, there is a 4 km long tidal lagoon that is great for beginners.

Although the windiest season lasts from April to September, at Fuerteventura you can practice these sports all year round. If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at kitesurfing or windsurfing, maybe now is the time.

TIP: Equipment can be rented at all major sports centers.

But before you embark on your small adventure, check everything you need, and especially follow the epidemiological picture. Airlines have adapted perfectly to the given situation and offer free date changes for the same place or for other destinations.

Book your transfer to the airport. Don’t wait for the last minute, as GoOpti transfers are cheaper if you book in advance. Follow the situation and try not to book a bunch of other non-refundable costs.
Above all, look forward to the upcoming trips, because they will be fantastic!

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