Travel after Covid-19: travelers are ready to explore new destinations

Our GoOpti team is already planning the awaited comeback and recovery after Covid-19, and a key part of it is understanding the new travel habits and intentions of our passengers. For this reason, we conducted a short survey to help us learn the needs of travelers and thus come up with an optimal solution that will both exceed your requirements and reflect our high-quality standards.

Travel after Covid-19

Here is an overview of the general opinion about travel from our passengers.

Future Travel – when will travel resume?

We found out that the future of travel might be a bright one, as most people feel good about traveling in the future. We asked our participants when they think to travel again, and most would resume their travel within the next six months (64%). The majority of participants will most likely travel for leisure (76%), 16% expect to travel for work, and a smaller part (8%) predicts to travel for other reasons, such as study or family visits.

Travel considerations - safety matters!

Based on our results, it is clear that, even though many are optimistic and eager to get back out there in the world, they are still responsible and cautious when thinking about their future plans. When thinking over future travel arrangements, the desire to visit a destination and the level od Covid-19 infection risk are the most important considerations. In addition, the fear of infectious diseases is, along with the existing government restrictions, the main reason preventing them from traveling at this very moment.

Risk prevention 

It is already evident that traveling in the future will require us to pack differently; hand sanitizers and masks are most likely to remain part of our basic travel necessities. When asked about the most efficient measure at detecting and/or preventing Covid-19 transmissions, among 213 participants, most feel that proper regular disinfection of vehicles and surfaces is the most important preventive action to be taken among travel providers. The second most effective measure, as seen by our participants, is wearing a face mask at all times during the trip, while the third resulted to be the use of HEPA air filtration in vehicles. 

It seems that travelers will be relying more on travel companies that will keep using these measures even in the future.

General questionnaire info

The survey was sent to our users via email. Of the 213 participants, 56% were women, 44% men, most of whom were over 45 years old (61%), a good proportion of respondents were between 30 and 44 years old (31%) while a smaller proportion were between 18 and 29 years old (8%). As many as 70% of respondents traveled by plane 2 to 6 times a year before Covid-19, 11% of respondents used to travel 6 to 15 times a year, 10% of respondents even more than 15 times a year, and 9% only once a year.

Where to next? Destination summer!

The results of the survey roughly show what we have been able to notice lately from the behavior of our passengers. After three and a half months of forced suspension of all our services, since we are back in operation, we noticed an increase in inquiries and bookings from week to week. While some still prefer a private transfer, there are also many inquiries for our shared services. Most of the bookings are reserved for this summer or until the end of 2020.

If the lockdown gave you itchy feet as well, and you just can’t wait to inhale some salty air while soaking up some of the most unforgettable sunset views, have a look at our top suggestions for a safe summer vacation.

The availability of some of our services is still heavily influenced by government measures, but we are doing our best to provide you with your desired type of transportation and the highest safety standards. So, as far as we are concerned, summer is still on!


Remember to take care of you and those around you. Choose to travel responsibly and safely.

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